Many years ago, as a GCSE and A Level English Literature student I studied poetry. The poems that stick out in my mind most vividly from that time are Wilfred Owen’s poems about the futility of war, like the opening words of ‘The Dead-Beat’ – “He dropped, more sullenly than wearily, lay stupid like a cod, heavy like meat. And none of us could kick him to his feet.”

Since my school days I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing. I’m also a sucker for inspirational quotes so it’s probably not too surprising that I ended up pursuing a career in marketing.

When marketing ourselves and our businesses, the words we use are so important. You’ve heard it said that ‘actions speak louder than words’ and that’s true but in online marketing, your words can also make a huge impact on someone when you are not around, even while you sleep. People are reading these words on your website and on your personal profile on LinkedIn, in your blogs, in your e-books and within the posts on your social media profiles. The words you use in your offline marketing within proposals to win work, client reports and awards submissions also contain very important words too.

Perhaps it’s because of their poignancy that the words of these war poems are so vividly imprinted on my brain but do your words have the same impact on your current and potential customers? Do they breathe life into your business and burn deep into the readers’ minds, never to be forgotten?

Copywriting & Content Marketing

Marketing services is infinitely more challenging than selling products. When I scroll down my social media newsfeed I’m instantly attracted to colourful shoes and handbags, pictures of delicious steak dinners, and beautiful bathrooms and home interiors products, but it made me think – how do I sell a service like copywriting?

Inadvertently, lyrics starting forming in my head, forcing me to grab the laptop and type them up before they slipped away again! It’s the first time I’ve used poetry to illustrate what I do, and it may be the last time too, depending on your response to it!

‘The Words’ aims to illustrate the power of words, particularly for marketing yourself or your business. The words I write on behalf of clients tell their stories. They introduce the owner and his/her team, the company, its values, products, services and projects – many of the essential elements of a company website. But I also craft words to educate your target audiences via blog articles, email campaigns, adverts, press releases, awards submissions, and social media posts.

Your content should have impact. It needs to make you stand out from the crowd and be memorable. I’ll let you decide whether the words of my poem tell my story – and yes, I do accept honest and constructive criticism so please tell me what you think!

If you have any feedback on ‘The Words’ or questions in general about copywriting and content marketing, do let me know. I’d love to hear from you. Add your feedback in the comments below or email me on

About the Author

Denise Cowan is a Digital Marketing Consultant based in Northern Ireland, specialising in digital auditing and strategy, marketing campaigns, content marketing and copywriting.  Email if you’d like to discuss anything you’ve read in more detail. Also connect on FacebookTwitteror visit