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Create and share regular blog content without having to do the hard work!

Blogging is great for so many reasons – so why are you not blogging? Although so many businesses know at least a little about the benefits of blogging, and some even want to do it or plan to do it, they still don’t quite get there and here’s why – time is never on our side as there’s always other priorities consuming it.  Many professionals are also faced with the battle between billable and unbillable hours so blogging gets pushed down the priorities list, rarely to resurface.  Then sometimes when you do sit down to write, you’re not sure what to write about, you don’t think you’re any good at it, or perhaps you can actually do it quite well, but you just don’t really enjoy it so you end up putting it off yet again.

If any of these scenarios describes you, consider outsourcing your blogging to Digital Den.  Together we’ll identify the topics that are relevant to your potential customers and develop your blog content plan.  Then I’ll get to work on the content!  The job will still get done and you’ll still enjoy all the benefits outlined below without having to be fully immersed in the delivery.  How good would it be to have one or even two new blogs or news stories to share with your target audiences every month! Don’t put your blogging strategy off any longer – contact me for a quote!



Brand Awareness

If potential customers don’t know you exist it’s going to be hard to grow your business! The more you blog, the quicker people get to know your brand and become familiar with your products and services.


Fresh Content on Your Site

Blogging keeps your website current. We all hate to see a blog that hasn’t been updated for months or even years.  Blogging is also good for your search engine rankings. Google likes to see sites that offer valuable content to users – does yours?

Solutions to Problems

We all have our pain points and go to Google to find the answers.  If you can help potential customers to resolve these issues regularly, you’ll become the go-to place for guidance – a recognised industry expert.

Supports Your Content Strategy

Blogging gives you content to share on your social media channels and within your email marketing campaigns.  All of this activity across all of your marketing channels will increase traffic to your website and help to generate new enquiries.



Blogging helps you reach out and start conversations with potential customers. Brand awareness combines with demonstrable expertise increases lead generation. This is one of the core reasons businesses blog.

Hire Me As Your Blog Writer!

Share regular articles with your audiences without having to spend hours trying to find the words that explain what you want to say.  Hire Digital Den as your blogger and watch your content ideas come to life!