Let me write the words that tell your stories

Many of us have heard someone quote the phrase ‘I couldn’t string a sentence together’ – perhaps you’ve even said it yourself. Although in this part of the world, almost everyone you know is able to read and write and is taught to do so from a young age in schools, I think most of us will agree that it doesn’t mean that everyone is a good copywriter. It’s a skill set that is developed over years, practiced, improved and comes together because the writer has a passion for telling stories through words, in the same way a photographer does in photos, and the skill to convey a lot but in not a lot of words.

Exceptionally well written content is a necessity in every marketing strategy – whether you’re writing a short Facebook or Google AdWords ad, a blog or webpage content, or a detailed proposal, strategy or research paper. Whatever your creative or professional writing support needs are, drop me a line and I’d be glad to help – I even write poems!

It’s the words that tell your story from way back then until today
It’s the words that explain what you stand for in an honest way
It’s the words that express your dreams and goals, for both you and them
It’s the words that give meaning to the who, what, where, why and when

It’s the words which convey the important messages that you want to say
It’s the words that show you’re unique, in every possible way
It’s the words that simply describe what it is you do each day
It’s the words you share with others to help them on their way

It’s the words you don’t often get around to saying out loud
It’s the words that introduce you to those you’ve not yet wowed
It’s the words that impress the judges and make your loved ones proud
It’s the words that get that jealous streak in others aroused!

It’s the words that can’t be undone as they’re written in everlasting ink
It’s the words that make you accountable for everything you think
It’s the words that show to others that you love what you do
It’s the words that keep you in their minds and make you stick like glue!

It’s one word really – copywriting – and it’s a big part of what I do!
So call me, email me, tweet me or find me on LinkedIn and Facebook too
Let me help you with the words to introduce your business or project or you!
I assure you that you’ll not be disappointed by the time we’re through!

The Words (By Denise Cowan, Digital Den Marketing Ltd)

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