About Denise

Meet Denise Hamill, a Marketing Consultant from Northern Ireland

I’m Denise Hamill, a 30-something redhead, farmer’s daughter and keen runner.  I’m also a qualified, experienced and award winning Marketing Consultant from Northern Ireland with a passion for digital marketing, copywriting and strategising!  I grow my business by helping you to grow yours!

This is a brief overview of my career journey, from my school and university days to the world of work and now self-employment.  I hope you enjoy my story.

After my secondary school education at Banbridge Academy, I spent a number of years studying and working in Belfast city before returning home. Although it’s many years since I graduated, I’m one of those people who likes to keep learning and doing something new.

By 2014 I was armed with a degree in Business Studies, CIM Postgrad in Marketing, a DMI Diploma in Digital Marketing with Distinction, and over a decade of marketing experience in agencies and in the construction, engineering and environmental sectors.  I was ready for a new and exciting career so I took the plunge and set up my own marketing business, Digital Den Marketing.  As a Marketing Consultant, I offer marketing and digital marketing consultancy and support services to businesses and individuals who want to market themselves more effectively online and need an experienced marketing manager to work alongside their in-house team.

It’s been an exciting journey thus far and I’m very grateful to past and present clients, colleagues and friends who’ve shown appreciation for my efforts, took time to encourage me, and recommend me to others. They have helped me greatly and taught me so much more about myself!

We all have increasing demands on our time and long hours and hard work is often part of the course, but fortunately my profession is also my passion. I love marketing, copywriting, website marketing, keyword research and my smartphone. I spend more time online than watching telly. A wise man once said “The only way to do great work is to love what you do!”

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