Digital Audits

Assess where you are right now with your digital marketing

It’s very likely that you already have some digital channels set-up – a website, a Facebook or Twitter profile, or perhaps even an email marketing account. New clients often ask me for feedback on how they are doing and tips to make their digital marketing better. Often, they don’t have the time to review the data available to them, or simply feel they lack the skills required to analyse and understand what it is telling them. Sound familiar?

Channel audits assess a company or individual’s performance on one or more digital channels. The process includes:

Review and analysis of data insights per channel

Summary of key insights and identification of areas for improvement


Recommendations – an actionable list of steps to take to improve performance

This makes it possible to properly advise you on aspects of your channel marketing that require further work and recommend an approach. Upon completion of the audit, we will also have a set of benchmarks to build on as we develop and roll out a digital strategy to improve performance on each channel in relation to your overall objectives and audiences.

Start Your Digital Marketing Journey With A Digital Audit

Individual channel audits typically start from £200 and increase based on the number of channels to be included. You may also wish to consider a full digital audit and strategy report